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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Indian IT Companies Yet To Use Twitter as a Recruitment Tool

Every now and then we read in media about how Indian companies are adopting social media for various purposes like  branding and PR, sales and service etc.
It intrigued me to check how they are using Twitter for a very important function: Recruitment.

I searched for Job/Career channels of Indian software companies in Twitter and here is what I found :

1) Copmany name:            TCS
    Official Twitter account: @followtcs
    Job/Career channel:       NA

2) Company Name:            WIPRO
    Official Twitter account: @Wipro 
    Job/Career Channel:      @WiproCareers  (381/1494)
    My observation:          Few walk ins are posted.Average 4-5 tweets per month.In  the current upswing in market I am sure  they have hundreds of open jobs.

3) Company Name:           Infosys
    Official Twitter Account:@Infosys
    Job/Career Channel:      NA

4)  Company Name:           Mahindra-Satyam  
     Official Twitter Account:@mahindra_satyam 
     Job/career Channel:      NA

5) Company Name:            HCL Infotech
    Official Twitter Account: @hcltech
    Job/Career Channel:       @HCLTechJobs (0/494)
    My observation:             Not much active recently. Last tweet on Jan 7th.

 6)Company Name:            Patni Computers
    Official Twitter Account: @Patni
    Job/career Channel:       NA

 7) Company Name:           Oracle Financial Services(Previously I-Flex):
     Official Twitter Account:@OracleFS 
     Job/Career channel:      NA

 8) Company Name:           Mphasis
     Official Twitter Account: Could not find one

 9) Company Name:            L&T Infotech
    Official Twitter Account: @LnT_Infotech 
    Job/Career Chanel:        @Infoknights (7/122) [added later]
    My observation:             Not much activity.

 10) Company Name:         Capgemini
      Official Twitter account:@Capgemini
      Job Channel:               @capgeminijobs  (14/194)
         My observation:            Few jobs have been posted but still not much activity.

As you can see, most of the big IT companies in India dont have a job channel in Twitter. Even if some have , they are not using it actively and effectively.Whoever is using it, they are not forming the job tweets properly - either location or some other keyword is missing or no hash tags(#) etc.

This pushes me to think:
Do Indian IT companies feel twitter has not grown in India sufficiently to be used as a recruitment tool effectively?
Or They are yet to feel the potential of Twitter fully?
Or Indian recruiters are not very Tech Savvy ??
Or Few companies which have Twitter job channel are not getting desired results?

I agree that traditional methods like job posting and resume sourcing from job boards, job posting on newspapers, taking help from recruitment agencies are still pretty effective. However looking at the phenomenal growth rate of new social media and the additional advantage they bring, I feel companies should start using these tools as an additional source to find candidates. I know many recruiters who use linked-in as a sourcing tool .But Twitter is yet to catch their fancy.


  1. L&T Infotech's job/carrer channel is @Infoknights

  2. Hi Sumone..
    Thanks for noticing . I somehow had missed it.

    However L&T's job channel is also not much active with no Job Tweets.

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