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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

India's Most Connected Recruiters on Linkedin

Current post is inspired by this post from Glen Cathey where he has compiled World's top 25 most connected recruiters in Linkedin. I thought I should also make a compilation of India's 25 most connected recruiters in Linkedin.

So here is it.

Process is same as he has adopted. I searched for anyone in India with current title as current title: recruiter OR recruiting OR recruitment OR sourcer OR sourcing OR talent and sorted out results on the basis of number of connections.Total number of results are 27,187.

I found out-In order to come in top 25 you ought to have more than 4000 1st degree connection.

Please click on the snippets to go to the respective profiles.

Please check where do you stand.I am a newbie with very less connections ,so I can't compare my self with them.

Please click here to see full results.

Congratulations to all, who have made to the list.


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