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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fake Interview Call in the Name of Tech Mahindra

For few days I have been getting mails from someone who claims to be mailing from HR team of Tech Mahindra. There is an attachment with the mail which says that, I have been shortlisted for some HR position in Tech Mahindra and they want me to attend a interview on some specified date.

Mail Shown From Inbox

Mail Body
 I have uploaded the whole letter in image format. Please open it in separate tab for full view.
Attachment With All Details

Now the interesting part is they want me to deposit Rs.9650/- in some bank account  that they have mentioned in the mail.

Firstly, no respectable software company will ask for security money to any candidates.
Secondly,the communication mail id they have given is Techmahindra has its own domain and they don’t need to create separate gmail id for their HR needs.
So, obviously this mail is fake.

Now the person has guts to give his mobile number also!

If anybody has received such mails, please don’t go by it. These are activity of some fraud people who want to get money from gullible candidates.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why I Like Naukri's RSS Feed Feature

As we know RSS(Really Simple Syndication) feed is a great way to find website updates in your desktop or Web Reader without going to the website again and again.

I used to browse through a lot of sites to gather information. It was really painful to check individual websites or blogs for new updates. Then I found  Google Reader and ever since I get to check all the new updates of  my favorite sites in the reader in-box.Things have become easier and less time-consuming for me.

 Job-seekers check Job portals religiously to find new suitable jobs. It can be painful sometimes.In order to solve this problem, now job portals are giving RSS feature(albeit less used) where you can get new job updates in your reader without going to the portal each time.

Here I checked this feature for India's two most popular Job Portals, Naukri  and Monster.Both portals have categorized jobs feeds by functions like IT , Finance and Accounts, Human Resource etc. Once you subscribe to any of these categories to your feed reader you can get new Job updates in your own system. 

Monster Job Updates RSS Feed

Naukri Job Updates RSS Feed

Link to Naukri Job Updates RSS Feed:

Link to Monster Job Updates RSS Feed

However, I have an issue with this feature. It has got some limitations. The categories  decided by the portals like, Accounts and Finance, Human Resource etc are quite generic and  will give feeds of new jobs across locations and experience . So out of lots of job updated only few will be of your use.

However Naukri portal has a lovely  solution for it. Apart from the above mentioned RSS feature Naukri also has an RSS feature in the search page. Here first you can give a search according to your choice, for example: [Key word:(Recruiter or Recruitment) Exp:3 yrs Location: Bangalore]. Then once you get the results, on the upper right corner you can see an RSS feed icon. If you click on that icon, you can add the search result to your reader. Now the great part is this feed will only give new job updates matching to your search preference. In this case only recruiter jobs, with 3 yrs experience with job location as  Bangalore will show into your reader.
Naukri Job Search Page RSS Feed
Now all you have to do is - give a Job search, add the feed to your reader and daily check new jobs in your reader inbox. As simple as that.A great tool for job seekers.

I have been using this feature for quite some time and I can vouch for its usefulness.

If anybody is using this feature, kindly give me your feedback.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interview Questions For Recruiters

Hi Recruiters,
Here I am posting a collection of questions frequently asked to recruiters during interviews:
  1. Tell me about your current role ?
  2. What is the first thing you do when you get a requirement?
  3. What are different methods of sourcing you use?
  4. What is your sourcing strategy for different level of experiences?
  5. How different will be your strategy for volume and niche requirements?
  6. How effective is Mass Mail and Job Postings in portals ?
  7. How to use Job Postings and Mass Mail effectively?
  8. How do you use Linked-In for recruitment ?
  9. What is your resume sent to shortlists ratio ?
  10. What is Boolean search and how do use it(with an example)? (Ref)
  11. How effective are social networking sites for recruitment?
  12. What are the different technologies in which you have sourced profiles till now ?
  13. How many positions do you close every month?
  14. Have you done headhunting ? How do you do it?
  15. Give an example where you went extra mile to close a difficult position?
  16. Which part of recruitment process life-cycle do you like most and why ? 

Questions are collected from my own and friends' experiences. Keep checking this space cos I will keep adding more questions here.

Hope you guys find it useful.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Funny Reply From A No-Show Candidate

Hi Recruiters,
You must have come across funny candidate replies with bad English many times. Here is one:
Hi _______,

          This is ____ _____, I am extremely Sorry for not able to attend the interview yesterday at ____ . Actually I am going to attend the interview but unfortunately I had met with an accident near Hitech city Cyber towers and not able to attend the interview yesterday. I am not in a position to go for the interview at that time, because my Dress was torn and totally spoiled and my legs are bleeding with blood. 

If possible please schedule it by this weekend

Once again i am sorry.

_____  _______

Wren and Martin must be 'crying with tears' somewhere. ;)


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