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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Buzz and the Buzz Around it!

 Google unveiled its new social networking feature Google Buzz recently and it has already taken the web by storm. Whole WWW is filled with 1st person experiences, reviews, apprehensions, admirations and predictions. Buzz is a social feature which is integrated with Gmail.So you will find a tab called Buzz below inbox in your Gmail account, where you can share photos,links, messages or any other update with all your followers or some selected people. One advantage that Google has here is the already established user base of Gmail. As buzz is integrated in Gmail, the Gmail-users will automatically use it. So it will also include the not techie types into the social wave who were not kicked enough to log into a separate Twitter and other social networking sites, but have a Gmail account.

Buzz is easy to use and not complex like Google’s earlier social offering Wave.

With passing time, people will discover Buzz more and more and with it they will find good uses of it.

Can anybody suggest how candidates can use it effectively during his job finding process?? 

I can think of one use as of now:

# Form a Gmail group with your friends who are looking for similar opportunities. Ask them to do so, too. When ever anyone of you finds any good job related link, share it here.Easy and targeted! It will remain shared with in the group and not to all. This way you can help each other. What say? 

I know we can do it through mail also. But buzz is new and in fashion my friend!

Here we have an advantage over Twitter: When you share any link in twitter it comes in stream of all your followers, right. In most of the cases the link may not be useful for everybody. So it is up to the user to click on the links he wants to follow. In Buzz you can chose people whom you want to share the info or update.

Explore the Buzz and please share the new and useful usages you find.

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