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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again!!

By citing a survey by international recruitment firm Antal International, Times of India has recently posted an article which says that Indian Inc is hiring very aggressively.Among the surveyed firms 71% said they are hiring now.

"Manufacturing & auto sectors along with the traditional IT, FMCG, pharma companies have ramped up hiring, against what we witnessed in our previous survey. Increased hiring indicates that the need for exceptional talent is now ever more," Devasia added.- Source

Well, it is a very good news for recruitment industry.No one can forget the difficulty recruitment industry faced during recent recession. Most of companies across all sectors had stopped hiring. IT and some other sectors were directly affected by US financial meltdown and didn't have much projects. But firms in other sectors also stopped hiring as a precautionary measure.No one was sure how long it was going to stretch.

No hiring means no business for recruitment firms.Many consultings could not survive the storm and shut down.Arranging operating cost became difficult.Different cost cutting measures were taken. Some had to take hard steps like salary cut and in worst cases lay offs.

But now things are getting better. Storm has passed by. Market is optimistic. Most of the companies are hiring and of course thay need recruiters help. :)

I am sure we all have learnt our lessons from the recession. Lets start again- this time with more vigor, equipped with new skills!

(I had not noticed that Achyut Menon of Options  had posted a similar-themed nice post with the same title before me. Pls go through that also.)


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